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There are objectives when purchasing lingerie:
1) Show something off.
2) hide something you don’t like, or maybe
3) Pretend you've got something that perhaps you really don’t.
No matter the intent, there are a few things to consider before donning intimate apparel, here the considerations to keep in mind:
No body is perfect. The key is to accentuate your assets and minimize your imperfections. To determine what you want to accentuate and minimize, stand in front of a mirror naked and find areas you absolutely love and ones that you are less than comfortable with. Focus on:
If your breast sag or are on the small side, underwire lingerie will lift and give the illusion of fuller, perky breasts. Baydolls, bustiers, gowns, and even camisole sets now come with underwire and are great for creating cleavage. If you are top-heavy, opt for camisoles with built in support in the form of a bra. Women who have a C cup or larger need support when wearing lingerie. When fitted properly, the bra shape and size can change the shape of your body immediately.
b.Arms or Shoulders
Spaghetti straps can make large arms or wider shoulders seem magnified. Choosing lingerie with wide straps or cap sleeves will help to minimize this flaw. Many gowns and chemises come with wide straps or sleeves, so coverage is available in both long and short styles. You can also choose a sheer robe that coordinates with your lingerie.
c.Waist and hips
If you feel as though you don’t have a defined waist line, try two piece outfits to break up your body. Camisole and tap pants sets are perfect for this. They provide separation between the bust and the hips, creating the illusion of an hourglass figure, even for women who are not naturally curvy. If you believe your hips and waist aren't among your best features, look to the bra section to accentuate your curves and produce enticing cleavage. Corsets will draw in your waist while enhancing your cleavage. This helps to draw attention upward and away from the waist line.
If you feel your stomach needs some minimizing, try fabrics such as silky polyester that will smoothes out the body’s lines while providing stomach coverage. Since lingerie is about showing off skin, this also brings attention to the cleavage, shoulders, and legs, which results in less focus on the middle. You can also use high cut support briefs with hidden tummy panels. This will also help to smooth and shrink the look of your stomach.
A bikini panty provides great coverage. Women who want to minimize their bottom should avoid thong or g-string panties, as these accentuate the bottom. Tap pants and boyshorts, which have wider legs and provide the most coverage, will also minimize the backside.
If you want to hide your thighs, choose lingerie with a wide skirt. Instead of close-fitting gowns, or bustiers, which can accent the thighs, babydolls with a lot of flounce wide ruffles or pleats will cascade over the legs and minimize thighs. The secret is that the added width appears to come from the skirt, and not from the thighs!

If your legs are short and wide you can lengthen and slim them by wearing black pantyhose and a bedroom slipper with a small heel. Also, try wearing shorter lingerie, like bustiers and teddies with high cut legs. The more leg you show, the longer it will look.

g.Too short/too tall
If you have a long torso choose a baby doll in regular length or longer and if you have a short torso choose a shorter cut or regular length.
Women who have not really found those areas they are most comfortable will feel beautiful in a full length satin chemise, maybe with a slit to show off a little leg. No matter what problem areas need to be disguised, accessories are a great solution they draw attention to themselves. Marabou wrist cuffs are very popular, as are chokers with a wide black ribbon. Women can also use feather products, like boas and fans, to provide a place for eyes to focus.

The fundamental golden rule to follow when it comes to color, no matter your shape or size, is that dark colors. Colors such as black, brown, dark purple, burgundy or navy, discourage focus on flawed areas. If dark colors aren't available, look for a color that flatters your skin tone. Also, try to keep colors as monochromatic and simple as possible. This will elongate the body; therefore, giving an overall slimmer appearance. Try to stay away from large patterns as they tend to look busy and can magnify problems areas. If you do would like to incorporate patterns, it is best to choose ones with small, discreet prints. Another way you can use color and patterns is to choose one area of the body you like and accentuate it. This will draw attention to a pleasing area and away from an unflattering one. Be careful not to overdo the “accentuating” or you can get the opposite effect.

No matter whether you are looking for a simple pair of panties and bra or a full length lingerie ensemble, choose fabrics that will be comfortable against your skin. Look for lingerie pieces that are soft, and made of touchable fabrics such as silk, satin and velvet. Also, look for lace. This quintessential feminine detail suggests innocence and sexiness all at the same time. If you think lace is too girly-girl for you, look for embroidered lace tops that have some pretty lace trimming around the edges. This delicate trimming can really dress up plain square neck or V-neck blouses. And don’t worry; you don’t have to bare all! Many lace tops are lined throughout, or at least lined in the front, where you need coverage. See-through lace sleeves will allow a peek at your arms but provide enough fabric to hide imperfections. If you fall in love with lacey lingerie that’s completely unlined, simply buy a nude camisole to wear underneath. Lace straps, satin or silk ribbons and sheer fabric on the stomach will lend sex appeal without baring too much skin. Even the most basic of blouses can get an instant touch-me appeal if it comes in an inviting fabric.