Jockey? 3-Pack Elance String Bikini Briefs

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These "Jockey Elance" String bikini panties are made with same comfort, quality and coverage as the bikini panties, the only difference is the cut of the leg. They are cut all the way up to the cotton covered elastic waist band at the hip. There is about an inch of what may be considered the String part of the band.Still cute and sexy with the coverage in back that some of us still require, the cut of the leg, makes for a more slimming, tapered look. The waistband fits low enough to wear with moderately low waist pants. The cotton covering the waistband, which is nice and stretchy, adds more comfort.

I ordered the Pale Cosm Assorted and the three I received were a light rose color, a pale pink and what I'll call an antique ivory. The price may seem just a little high for three pairs, but this is the second time I've ordered the Jockey Elance brand because they have held their shape and color pretty well through numerous washings. I washed in cold, and I dried on low instead of the suggested medium temperature.



If you prefer a lower cut on the leg, I would recommend the Jockey Elance Bikini(as opposed to the 'string' bikini. You can find them here:Jockey Women's Elance 3 Pair Bikini and also here:JockeyƂ® 3-Pack Elance Bikini.Check around for price and color assortments. I have also seen them in a French cut leg, which looks to be somewhere in between.

OOOOkay...so even though the world now knows what kind of underwear I wear, it's a product I thought worth a review.

You NEED these!....Happy Shopping......