BraBall - The Original Patented Bra Washing Ball.

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BraBall, the original patented bra saver, will keep your bras as sexy, shapely, comfortable and supportive as the day you bought them! This amazing product saves you time and money by allowing you to machine-launder your bras worry-free! Plus, it will even prevent bras from crushing in luggage while traveling. BraBall makes a great and unique gift! So, what's the differences between BraBall, the original bra saver, and the competitor's product? Ours has proved itself in over a thousand full-cycle washing tests, while the copycat product comes apart in the washing machine, the bra straps come through the large, gapping holes, and the loose inner ball does not secure the bra in a fixed position, thus enabling the cups to slip out of position, defeating the very object of its use. Our inner "ball" is non-geometrically contoured to fit even the most heavily padded bras, and is coupled to the outer shell so that it's securely held in place during machine washing. This is essential because you don't want the bra cups to switch places, bunch up, and tangle especially during the spin cycle. Don't be fooled by a cheap imitation. Buy the real thing and save yourself the hassle of having to return it. Ours is authentic, and it's made in the U.S.A.

  • Machine wash bras with hand-washing results so they'll look better and last much longer.

  • Maintain the flattering contour of padded bras-no more lumps, tangling, snagging, or bent or "poking through" underwires.

  • Save money with much less-frequent bra replacements.

  • Save time with no hand washing and no shopping for replacement bras.

  • Holds: 1-3 bras, cup sizes 32-36 AA, A, B and C