Half Slip underwear 16 Inch (2173) Only Hearts

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Only Hearts Second Skins slip - "The layer beneath sheer." This slip is more like a body liner - hugs the body and is easy to wear. An underpinning with a simple silhouette. This lingerie is a great length for the shorter hemline styles. The perfect answer for today's sheer fabrics.

I bought this because I was getting tired of never wearing certain skirts because they were too sheer. This slip works wonderfully. It is lightweight (not too hot even on a 90+ day), close-fitting (but not at all tight), and very comfortable. The waistband is not too tight and the fabric is light enough that you could even roll it up a little at the waist if your skirt is shorter than 16 inches. And it adds zero bulk since the fabric is so light. Big thumbs up!